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Ogden, Utah
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College of Applied Science & Technology
Telecommunication & Business Education


Project Information

Equipment List:

2- Primestar Satellite Dishes with modified feedhorns
2- Laptop computers with 350 Cisco wireless cards - Specifications
2- Bidirectional Amplifiers (1.5 watt)-
Compass & GPS
Cables and wires - MMCX RT ANG male to N Male on RG174, 72".

Dish Specifications:

All elements used in the WSU experiment are off-the-shelf equipment available commercially.


Locations were chosen where direct line-of-sight was available.  The first attempt was done from the Fernwood Park to Antelope Island,  during this attempt we sighted in the dishes and tested signal and quality strength, a small file was also transferred.  The second and thirds attempts were from Promontory to Magna and Promontory to Bluffdale. During these attempt we again sighted in the dishes using GPS.


GPS Coordinates

30 Mile Attempt
Antelope Island - Syracuse, Utah
Fernwood Park - Layton, Utah


70 Mile Attempt
ATK Thiokol - Promontory, Utah  
ATK Thokol - Magna, Utah

41 39.50'/112.26'
40 39.72'/112 05.075'

80 Mile Attempt
ATK Thiokol - Promontory, Utah
Parking Lot - Draper, Utah

41 37.798'/111  22.478'
40 29.381'/111 52.523'

Active Participants:

Instructor: Ken Cuddeback, NT7K
Tricia Aragon
Randal Asay
Darren Buttars
Brandon Checketts, KG4NZV  
Kenneth Cuddeback Jr.
Paul Dykman
Kevin Golmon
Arturo Hernandez
Brandon Kucharski
John Lewis


Adam Marker
Jennifer Morgan
Matthew Mossbarger
Joseph Nekuda
Scott Newman
Debbie Noorda
Jose Ortega
Michael Sorenson
Duane Stromberg
Marc Stromberg
Dennis Youngberg

Technical specifications for 80 mile attempt:

Installation & Set-up:
On December 6, 2003 teams traveled to Promontory Point and Bluffdale.  At each point the equipment was set-up and sighted by pointing the dishes in the general direction of each other.  Once a signal was pick-up each group fined tuned the direction of their dishes using GPS coordinates and then verified the IP addresses being used.  

After verifying signal strength and quality, the group in Bluffdale  prepared an MP3 file for file transfer.  During this time the Bluffdale group experienced problems with  intermittent signal quality and strength.  It was decided that each side need to reboot the computers. 

After rebooting, the problem was resolved and signal strength and quality was restored. We then were able to FTP the MP3 file and have net meeting conversation.

Promontory Site
 Screen shot Promontory.JPG (669930 bytes) ftp.jpg (768125 bytes) netmeeting.JPG (754941 bytes)

Bluffdale Site

Ping time- 372ms
Signal strength - 75%
Signal quality - 100% 

With great joy and excitement we listened to MP3 file and basked in a moment of success. We knew that "a bunch of students" broke a  record held by a group of professionals.

Weber State University, 218 Building Two/Telecommunication & Business Education
Ogden, Utah 84408-1501